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Maintaining compliance is an essential requirement of doing business in the mortgage industry. Mortgage lenders, investors and servicers must comply with myriad of federal and state regulations in conducting their day-to-day operations. We understand that the costs of compliance are a significant burden and a hurdle to success for small and medium sized financial institutions operating in the mortgage industry. It is therefore our mission to make compliance and transactional legal resources available to our small and medium sized financial institution clients to help them prosper and grow. Join our Mortgage Compliance and Transaction Program and experience the kind of legal services received by large financial institutions at a fraction of the cost.

Our Mortgage Compliance and Transaction Program provides your institution the equivalent of having a dedicated mortgage law department that will deliver you high quality legal service to help you navigate all of your mortgage compliance matters and projects.

Our attorneys have both in-house and outside counsel experience working with all sizes of financial institutions in the mortgage industry. We leverage our experience to work together with your compliance personnel, auditors, consultants and senior management to help you resolve mortgage compliance matters and to successfully complete your mortgage compliance projects.

Our Mortgage Compliance and Transaction Program is especially designed to create significant cost efficiencies to our small and medium sized mortgage industry clients.  Our Program delivers cost efficient legal services through our tailored rate solutions that include: combined fixed and preferred rate options, volume discounts and our unique rollover hours feature.

Be represented! Mortgage market agreements are industry specific and require understanding of the mortgage industry laws, practices and operation, as well as, the legal ramification of the contractual provision.  Too often parties enter into contractual relationships without the benefit of prior legal review, without understanding the legal risks posed by the agreement and counterparty and without negotiation of balanced provisions that ensure compliance and mitigate risks.  Under our Mortgage Compliance and Transaction Program legal representation and counterparty legal risk analysis is available for the mortgage market agreements and third-party vendor contracts.


Our Mortgage Compliance and Transaction Program services include:

  • Advising clients on compliance with federal and state laws governing mortgage origination, servicing, and secondary market activities
  • Advising clients on compliance with the requirements of government agencies and GSEs mortgage lending programs
  • Advising clients on the development of policies and procedures to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Advising and representing clients in supervisory and examination matters before federal and state regulators
  • Advising clients on state licensing requirements
  • Advising and supporting clients in the development process of new mortgage product and services
  • Representing clients in drafting, reviewing and negotiating mortgage market transactions
  • Representing clients in drafting, reviewing and negotiating third-party vendor agreements
  • Performing third-party vendors’ legal risk assessment
  • Advising clients on federal and state public policy and governmental affairs matters involving consumer credit

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